Plans for everyone

Simple pricing for every golfer of every ability level

Par Package


Our introductory package that will kickstart your journey toward better golf

What’s Included
  • Brief Health Screening and Review of Goals (as it may relate to golf)

  • 16-Step Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Functional Movement Screen

  • Multi-angle 2D Golf Swing Video Capture

  • Detailed Written Report of Our Findings From The TPI Screening and 2D Video Capture

  • Dynamic Golf Warm-up Program To Start Every Round Off The Right Way!

  • Full Access To The “MyTPI” App Which Includes: Your screening result history, a personalized Fitness Handicap score to track your progress, a 1-month, personalized exercise and swing drill program that can be easily followed on your app calendar, along with a full video library of golf exercises and swing drills.

Birdie Package


Our next level package which includes more specialized, in-person services

What’s Included
  • All the benefits of the Par Package PLUS:

  • 1- 45 minute, in-depth virtual session with your TPI-certified medical professional to review and discuss the results of your Functional Movement Screen, golf swing video, and how your current physical ability relates to your golf swing. Slow motion video review will help you understand any swing flaws and what physical limitations may be causing them. The session will conclude with instruction on your personalized exercise and swing drill programs.

Eagle Package


Our top-tier package with multiple assessments and more personalized services

What’s Included
  • All the benefits of the Birdie Package PLUS:

  • 1- In-person Personal Golf Fitness Session with a Licensed physical therapist/TPI-certified medical professional

  • Full Follow-up Movement Screen and Swing Analysis with a Written Re-Evaluation Report To Assess Your Progress and Improve Your Fitness Handicap Score!