World Class Golf Fitness Without Leaving Your Home

The Rebound Group is proud to introduce our new, full-spectrum program dedicated to the improving you and your golf game. From injury rehabilitation services to golf fitness and performance training, we can offer highly-skilled, one-on-one intervention to keep golfers of all ability levels healthy and playing their best game. What sets us apart is that we can bring all of these services directly to you in your home or backyard.

We are Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified Medical Professionals. TPI leads the world in research and data on golf fitness, health, and swing biomechanics. The Institute has studied thousands of golfers ranging from the top professional tour players to weekend enthusiasts.The Rebound Group’s golf program combines our top-tier standard for Physical Therapy and the industry-leading Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) approach to the body-swing connection™ to help improve your golf fitness to not only help you play longer and pain-free, but to take your game to the next level.

What Makes Our Golf Services Unique?

You may come across other companies with the TPI certification, including the pro at your local golf shop. The Rebound Group’s physical therapists with TPI certifications are unique in that they approach your Golf Swing Analysis with decades of clinical background in Sports Medicine Physical Therapy. What does that mean for you? The same professional that identifies issues with your swing can also make recommendations for how to fix those issues, and treat you with a customized Physical Therapy program. What also makes The Rebound Group unique is that we can provide you all of these services without leaving your home. We have been providing outpatient orthopedic/sports rehabilitation services to our clients at home for almost 15 years. Now we are bringing our background in golf performance, training and rehabilitation to our clients in the same setting!

Not only can you improve your swing, you will correct swing faults and reduce overall stress on your body. You can generate more power and play pain-free by improving how your body moves during your swing.

Who Can Benefit From Our Golf Services?

If played correctly and efficiently, golf is a beautiful game that can last a lifetime. The Rebound Group’s comprehensive, individualized golf services can help you maximize your potential with this life-long sport. Our golf services are for every golfer who wants to maximize their body’s potential, and play the game they love, better, healthier, and longer!

How Do Our Golf Fitness and Performance Services Work?

The process begins with gathering information on your current fitness and your desired golf goals. Next, a thorough physical screening is conducted with a TPI-certified medical professional to identify specific dysfunction in your movement patterns that can contribute to lack of power, consistency and/or injury. During this assessment process, we will also video your golf swing from different angles. From this information, we can essentially create a clear picture on how your body moves and how this affects your golf swing. This will be presented to you in easy-to-understand reports and further discussed in virtual or in-person sessions.

Upon completion of our assessment, you will receive your personalized Fitness Handicap Score to track your progress, access to your personalized exercise and swing drill program in your “MyTPI” mobile app. From there you can stay connected to us to see your screening result history, along with practice and training programs directly on your phone. The MyTPI app is designed to allow us to send you videos of each exercise and detailed program instructions so that you can refer to them again and again!

In order to enhance your golf fitness and performance journey, we offer highly specialized, one-on-one golf fitness sessions along with re-evaluations to track your progress!