We Offer a Unique Physical Therapy Experience

Whether you are suffering from an injury or recovering from surgery, why take the risk of subpar physical therapy care?

For years I managed busy PT practices and noticed during initial evaluations many post-surgical patients were behind in their healing journey. This “black hole” in the rehabilitation process was pervasive. Patients were not getting the timely, proactive, and hands-on care that they needed at home.

The Rebound Group helps you skip the subacute facility after surgery, bridge the gap between the hospital and physical therapy outpatient clinic, or address all of your needs entirely at home. We are NOT a home healthcare agency. We are the same Physical Therapists from the outpatient clinic, but we bring our expertise directly to our patient’s homes.

Glenn Prettitore, MS PT
Glenn Prettitore, MS PTOwner, Licensed Physical Therapist
With over 22 years of experience in the areas of orthopedic, neurologic, geriatric, and sports physical therapy, I have treated patients of all ages and abilities, including numerous high-level and professional athletes. I have assisted in NFL combine training programs through on-field injury assessments, injury screenings, rehabilitation and injury prevention programs. In 2010, I founded The Rebound Group in order to provide more specialized, one-on-one care for my clients through home-based physical therapy. In doing so, I noticed that patients received safer, better, and faster results than traditional home PT. I possess extensive experience in:

Joint replacement rehabilitation
Sports Rehabilitation
Balance training
Golf-specific rehabilitation
Gait training
Home safety assessments
Fall prevention
Postural correction

I am a certified Titleist Performance Institute medical professional, which allows me to bring my extensive physical rehabilitation knowledge and experience into the world of golf and offer another service to my active clients.

Streamlined PT Care

The Rebound Group can ensure streamlined orthopedic and post-surgical care without any delays in quality treatment. 

Avoid Subpar Home Healthcare 

Why would you initiate orthopedic rehabilitation with home health agencies that don’t specialize in orthopedics?

individualized Care, Always!

Some patients can’t get to or don’t want to go the outpatient clinic. We can help these patients with their physical therapy goals entirely at home.

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