Why Use Home Health Agencies That Don’t Specialize In Orthopedics?

Perhaps you are recovering from an orthopedic surgery, have a sports injury or just need skilled “hands-on” care. Why would you use a traditional home healthcare agency, who doesn’t specialize in orthopedics, for your orthopedic PT needs?

The Rebound Group takes the same orthopedic outpatient philosophy and treatment directly into your home to get you started on the right foot! Take a more active role in your rehab, be better prepared for the outpatient clinic and achieve overall better outcomes.

Streamlined PT Care

The Rebound Group can ensure streamlined orthopedic and post-surgical care without any delays in quality treatment. 

Avoid Subpar Home Healthcare 

Why would you initiate orthopedic rehabilitation with home health agencies that don’t specialize in orthopedics?

individualized Care, Always!

Some patients can’t get to or don’t want to go the outpatient clinic. We can help these patients with their physical therapy goals entirely at home.

Ready To Take The Next Step?