Birdie Package


Our BIRDIE PACKAGE is the perfect addition to the Par Package as it enables us to fully discuss your fitness and swing results in a personalized Zoom call. We can play and analyze your swing in real time, compare your video with low handicap/pro players, discuss how your fitness limitations and how they may be linked to any unwanted swing characteristics, review your personalized exercises and swing drill programs, and answer any questions that you may have.



What’s Included

  • All the benefits of the Par Package PLUS:
  • 1- 45 minute, in-depth virtual session with your TPI-certified medical professional to review and discuss the results of your Functional Movement Screen, golf swing video, and how your current physical ability relates to your golf swing. Slow motion video review will help you understand any swing flaws and what physical limitations may be causing them. The session will conclude with instruction on your personalized exercise and swing drill programs.

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