Par Package


Our introductory PAR PACKAGE is the perfect start in your journey towards better golf! Our full TPI Functional Movement Screening and 2D video analysis will give you a wealth of information on how your body moves and how it affects your golf game. This package offers the bonus of the “MyTPI” app powered by the Titleist Performance Institute, your personalized portal to screening results, personalized Fitness Handicap scores, full video library of golf exercises and swing drills clearly outlined in your fitness calendar. See below for details.



What’s Included:

  • Brief Health Screening and Review of Goals (as it may relate to golf)
  • 16-Step Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Functional Movement Screen
  • Multi-angle 2D Golf Swing Video Capture and Analysis
  • Detailed Written Report of Our Findings From The TPI Screening and 2D Video Capture
  • 1-Month Full Access To The “MyTPI” App Which Includes: Your screening result history, a personalized Fitness Handicap score to track your progress, a 8-week personalized exercise and swing drill program that can be easily followed on your app calendar, along with a full video library of golf exercises and swing drills.
  • Dynamic Golf Warm-up Program To Start Every Round Off The Right Way!



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